Freedom from addictions
There are no shortcuts, but magic pill exists.
It is routine, discipline and exercise.
The best moment to start is now.
What we do?

We help to get more information about addictions and how to deal with troubles caused by it.

We provide science-based knowledge about addictions.

We create safe and supportive community for people interested in healing and mindfulness.

We offer effective tools to stop addiction.

Ascesis is an effective tool for self-exploration, increasing mindfulness and quality of life, a guarantee of freedom, and endless pleasure.
What is inside?
We are hosting the conference on addiction, as well as organizing monthly meetings on various related topics, including supportive and helping groups.
We offer an effective way to practice asceticism that will aid and support you on this path. Additionally, we gently and ecologically introduce new mindfulness practices for integration into your life.
coming soon...
In our blog we gather informative articles and materials, share our own experiences, as well as the experiences of real people.
We tell useful, important, and interesting stories.
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"Good life is not about quantitative indicators; good life is a position, it's action, it's an idea, it's discoveries, it's searches.

A good life is defined by a well-formed lifestyle regardless of the size of your bank account.

'It's a lifestyle that gives you a constant sense of joy. A lifestyle that stimulates your desire to become a person with deeper values and higher achievements."

Jim Rohn (1930 - 2009)
How we are?
  • Tanya Dmitrieva
    sex educator, co-founder of Kinky Company
    6 years in therapy, 8 years in business.
    A certified educator, certified sex therapist.
    I have experience in 50+ physical and spiritual practices.
    Overcame alcoholism through asceticism.
  • Christine Dmitrashko
    ex-Flocktory Head of Deliverу, artist
    5 years in therapy, 3 of them successful.
    2 diplomas: one in a technical field, majoring in engineering mathematics, and the other in philology, majoring in translation.
    10 years in IT, 15 years in the arts.
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